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I feel like I am flying after spending time with Emma-Jane. My career has changed direction and my relationship is more sparkly. I feel alive; bright eyed and bushy tailed, and have such good tools to help me continue in my life. Amanda, Oxfordshire, UK

I feel so much better about myself after spending time with E-J. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to me and helping me so much during our 1 to 1ís. To have such positive help from an objective person has been invaluable. Belinda, Spain

After just one session with Emma-Jane I felt energised. She has this amazing ability to make you think differently yet positively and without guilt. She took away the heavy feeling I had been desperately holding on to and guided me through the woods to a clearing which was completely different to what I had ever expected in my life. I now feel like I can cope, my tools are powerful and my life is enjoyable once again. I feel child-like yet emotionally strong enough to cope with anything. Joanna, Oxfordshire, UK

Just an evening with Emma-Jane was the start of my journey back. I have made small but significant changes and confronted all that was pulling me down. Keep doing what you are doing E-J, you are truly blessed. Natasha, Berkshire, UK

Emma-Jane Taylor presented for us at the Madejski Stadium for the NatWest Venus Awards Thames Valley 2017. An amazing woman with an inspirational story. She is very engaging and we had dozens of favourable comments about her presentation skills. Tara Howard, Venus Awards, Bournemouth

Emma-Jane worked for us in Las Vegas this year. She gave a brand presentation to an American panel that was thoughtful, energising, detailed, focused and delivered with passion. She works hard to ensure she has perfected her work. Her motivational skills within the group were fun and energising. Marina Shcherbinina, Bio-Extracts

Emma-Jane helped me open my eyes to my strengths, and gave me wings in our interview reminding me to keep flying. She is inspirational effortlessly and exudes positivity.  She loved my seasoning and books and also encouraged the Nutritionist I was with to keep building.  An amazing person that you meet once and never forget.  Emma, Thank You. Nutritionist and Author, Janice Weir - Germia

Emma is a natural on screen and like any good presenter knows how to get the best out of her guests while making them feel completely at ease. I had a great time being interviewed by Emma for TOTV and the results were clear to see when the show was aired. Maureen Younger, Comedian

Emma-Jane is a thoughtful and insightful interviewer, who is totally focused on her guests. She really listens and provokes powerful thoughts and answers in an environment of total trust and care. Emma-Jane is a truly inspirational lady. Sonia Grimes

I recently completed the Weight Management Course with Emma-Jane at NutritiousWorks.The whole experience was motivational, informative and fun! I was pleased to meet my target weight by the end of the course but it wasn't without a few blips, however Emma-Jane was there each time to get me back on track. The Monday morning weigh in was a bit daunting but taught me not to go "offpiste" during the weekend which I'm prone to do. It really made me re think my "treat" days and the effect they can have on all your hard work. Each week we discussed different topics pertaining to wellness and weight management, it was interesting with plenty of tips and suggestions. I'd recommend it even if you only have a small amount to loose. The camaraderie between the course members was great. We all supported each other and I'll miss that. Finally, thank you Emma-Jane. You were great! Rachel, Henley

I thoroughly benefitted from this course. I weighed nearly 13 stone at the start, and after 8 weeks I had lost nearly 1 stone.I had no idea what to expect.I turned up to the 1st lesson in fitness gear thinking we would do workouts but instead learnt about nutrition and body/calorie intake as well as other food properties and how to manage our bodies. Also, rightly or wrongly, I assumed I would be the only male on the course, which I was (in my group that is) and I was nervous because being the only person of the opposite sex wondered if I would be accepted or if it hindered any openness about food/dietary or issues that perhaps women may not feel comfortable discussing in front of a man. I too had my reservationís but I embraced it and being open myself we all banded together and had a very supportive group - so much so we will organise a weekly weigh in outside of class hours. I never expected this outcome of learning and am utterly surprised by this. So, I thank E-J and my group. Piers Burnell, Henley

Thanks so much Emma-Jane Taylor. I'm 8.5 lbs lighter and my waist is 7cm smaller, I've really enjoyed our Monday evening catch ups and am feeling so much more positive about life and my further weight loss. Joanna Cole, Henley

It has been an incredible year for me, one that has literally changed my lie. 38lbs down, quit sugar (well nearly, still like a glass of wine), ran a 10k and fitter than I have ever been. Originally inspired by the Ab Challenge (NutritiouWorks) and then fantastic support from my trainer, Becky. I look back on this year with a big smile on my face. Melody, Oxfordshire

I have been attending the NutritiousWorks monthly membership classes and I go to the bootcamp, boxercise and legs, bums and tums classes run by Rebecca. She is such an amazing trainer and is always on time, friendly, enthusiastic and makes coming to the classes a real pleasure. Rebecca puts a lot of time into planning bootcamp to mix it up and keep it fun/ as well as getting in enough cardio and core work. She is able to adapt  the classes to meet individual needs as the fitness levels vary and ensures everyone gets a really good work out. I have seen a real increase in my fitness and strength and love going to her classes. She is a real asset to your team. Best Wishes Aimee Laming

Emma-Jane Taylor hosts The Health and Well-Being Show on Thatís Oxfordshire TV and each and every talk show is very well executed. Her shows are always of excellent quality and sheís consistently able to source a variety of interesting and relatable guests.  Personally, Emma-Jane is a pleasure to work with, and maintains a positive outlook on her topic choices. She is well organised, efficient and continually delivers a thought-provoking show. Hanisha Sethi

I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for the past couple of months. I have found it really hard for a few years now to find any form of exercise that I found both fun and challenging but I have found your classes brilliant. I am hoping to return to Henley in the summer and when I do the first thing I will be doing is signing up to a full membership at NutritiousWorks. Please also thank Becky and Flick I have loved both of their classes and will miss them.Thank you, Freya Tate

Two years ago I was diagnosed with not only an under active thyroid but also Hashimoto Thyroiditis, this is when your immune system attacks your thyroid. The last two years I have felt pretty damn awful! Then life changed 12 weeks ago when I discovered Emma-Jane at NutritiousWorks. She has taught me that a combination of sensible eating and exercise sprinkled with a bit of love and a positive approach has given me a new lease of life. I am new, life is fun, I'm energised, feel fantastic and I am now virtually symptom free...yay! At the beginning I could barely run 100 metres, I just about managed a few squats and lunges!! Well, let me tell you that today I ran 5 miles, yes 5 miles! My homework is 3 times what it was 12 weeks ago and I am LOVING it all!! I'm a completely different person, I refuse to eat the rubbish that was making me so ill and I've become addicted to running, I can't thank you enough Emma-Jane & Rebecca Hill for your help and support during my journey #cantstopwontstop! Tina Quelch 

Just wanted to say thanks for the support throughout the course, I picked up a few useful details from the discussions and the weekly meetings kept me focused on losing weight. I amazed myself at what I could achieve with a bit of help. Still a bit more to go so I need to keep my focus. S, Oxfordshire

E J, Bloody brilliant really enjoying Bootcamp!! Andrew

Ann has the best ballet class I have ever had at NutritiousWorks. She is a FAB teacher and the classes are really enjoyable as well as being good exercise. Victoria Trainer

Becky Hill is the most inspirational trainer. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious! She seems to know instinctively how to get the most out of the PT sessions and push you hard. She is supportive and encouraging and will beat you with good humour. Even burpees and the dreaded rope don't phase me anymore. I recommend her completely. Janey Maple.

I love your approach to wellbeing and am so glad I didn't sign up to another regular gym membership.  Thanks for getting me back into fitness, I can't tell you how much I feel like me again. Sarah West-Miller

Giving up alcohol was a revelation as I feel so much more energetic. I loved the fact it was not complicated to follow the food plan...just eat good things and not too much and keep 12 plus hours food free.  I lost over 4 kilos (in 4 weeks) and am keeping going. I haven't measured my waist but my jeans fell down the other day when I was running. Having contact with the others was great and your comments were always super helpful and encouraging. I do not know how you find the time. Brilliant time management! Being away was difficult in that I would have liked to come to classes, but being away worked well with the online instructions. So definitely worth it and will definitely recommend. Penny Holley

I decided to participate in the 28 Ab Challenge because I needed an kick start for my daughter's wedding in October.  I really enjoyed the challenge and the companionship and support of Emma Jane and the other girls taking part.  I discovered I can live without sugar, alcohol and caffeine and do have the willpower to say no thank you.  The daily exercises were at time a challenge but an excellent focus and felt good once they were completed.  I definitely have core muscles now!! I also didn't shut myself away during this challenge I celebrated my 35th wedding anniversary away in a hotel but still exercised and eat sensibly and also had several invitations out but resisted the puddings and wine!!  I was thrilled with my results I lost 5 lbs in weight 16 cms from my waist and 10 cms from my hips.  (Not bad for an old girl!!) My clothes feel so much better and I feel really fit and healthy.  I did have a tenacity to suffer with bloating and since I embarked on my new regime this has not been a problem.   Because it has been so beneficial I intend to continue with the healthy eating regime and will also endeavour to do the ab exercises a few times a week just to keep focussed.  Emma-Jane's support, positivity and enthusiasm keeps you going when you might feel like giving up and is a true inspiration. Thank you Emma, Madeleine Johnson

Would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Emma-Jane for helping me over the last 12 weeks achieve my goals of losing weight and becoming fitter. I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight and inches from my hips and waist. Your training and guidance over the weeks has been truly AMAZING!! Training has been challenging at times, fun and most importantly varied. I really can't believe how I have improved. Never ran before and today did 5 Miles!! I feel great and will carry on in the New Year to reach another goal. As for the support with my eating plan it was: 1.Easy to follow 2.Never felt hungry 3.Learnt so much about portion sizes 4.Kept to plan and feel fantastic. So for anyone who feels like they need a helping hand I would highly recommend Emma-Jane. She will work with you , inspire you and always be at the end of a phone if you need help. Thanks so much Emma and hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas. Love Kathryn Invest in yourself. It will be well worth it. Kathryn

Just wanted to say thank you for the Beachbody Bootcamp, it was just what I needed to get me kick started into doing something.  I did find it hard, hated the cardiovascular workouts but liked the rest of it, except burpees!! It was a positive experience for me. Catherine

Thank you for the Monday night Zumba classes - I started at the beginning in January and I love it! Ellie is wonderful - I've enjoyed watching her grow in confidence. She is great with her instructions and her encouragement too. Kate

Hard work, but fun! The Bikini Bootcamp is worth every step with Emma-Jane.  Michele
Over the past 4 weeks I've taken part in a 4 week ab challenge. It has most definitely been a challenge. At the beginning almost every exercise seemed hard but the progress is fairly quick and within 3 weeks I had made good progress. Today I managed a continuous 5 minute plank and felt so pleased. Emma-Jane has been very supportive throughout. Whilst I may not do the full programme every day, I will make sure that I build planking and healthy eating into my daily life going forward. Anette Crick

Could I do a 28 day AB challenge? I normally give up after 14 days but with EJ giving you exercises each week rather than a daunting 4 week plan, it didn't seem impossible. It's not easy by any means and I could certainly feel my abs during & after each session. But at the end of 4 weeks I have lost 4cms off my waist so the pain was worth it! EJ was available for guidance throughout the challenge and her encouragement certainly helped me get through all the exercises! Emma
AB CHALLENGE. The first week was very hard. I had headaches from stopping drinking tea and coffee. Also I found that fasting at night was really hard because I work late and found that I was getting hungry. But in the second week my body got used to the portion sizes and also the amount of intensive exercise I was doing. I craved more. One week I clocked up 4.5 hours of intensive exercise not including my daily ab work. It is such a habit now that I am not worried about keep it up. I just keep feeling that this exercise is what my body needs and it gives me energy. I have tried many diets and fads in the last few years but this doesn't feel like a "diet" or a fad. It is eating well, and not gorging on snacks plus getting lots of good exercise. The result isn't about being "skinny". I am not that much more noticeably thinner but my body is a much healthier shape and I feel better in myself. I am so proud of myself for doing the 28 day challenge. Thank you Emma-Jane! Serap
After starting work in Henley and watching the transformation of my daughter at Emma's insanity classes I decided despite my age to give it a go.  From the start I was extremely impressed with Emma's commitment, enthusiasm and genuine interest in everyone totally inspiring.  She makes getting up and exercising at 6.30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning a pleasure not a chore.  She is truly inspirational. Madeleine Johnson
Emma Jane is a force to be reckoned with! Her exercise classes are carefully constructed to get the maximum benefit, with encouragement from Emma Jane all the way. Her knowledge of food plans and nutrition is extensive and I'd definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an improvement in their diet or fitness regime. Kathy Murray

I can't thank EJ enough for everything she has done for me since I started Insanity.  She has taught me that faddy diets just don't work and that to achieve your goal (whatever that may be) you need to work out and eat well!  There is no judgement if you have had a bad week just encouragement for you to do better next week!  I can honestly say that however hard the class, I love Insanity (just maybe not the 48 hours after). It has taught me never to give up and you always have a little bit more to give! Jo Summerland

I am enjoying the boot camp sessions that Ej runs. Each class is different from the last and she brings great enthusiasm to each session, spurring us all on. I am even looking forward to the next workout! Diana Brooks    

I have been training for many years and started Insanity about 6 months ago with Emma-Jane and I love it. The classes are hard work but she always encourages people to work at their own pace and not to worry about what the person next door is doing, which I think is important. When you are doing high intensity exercises, you can get caught up thinking you need to do it as quickly as you can, but then you risk your technique going out of the window. She tells us all to focus on our workout and she is good at keeping up the momentum in a nice way and trying to get us all to challenge ourselves. You will never meet anyone who is so into exercise and fitness as she is. She lives and breathes it and her weekly emails are inspiring, motivating and full of positivity. She is great to train with and she stands out from the rest. Claire Price

I would not hesitate in recommending Emma-Jane to help guide, inspire and support you through any of your fitness or weight-loss goals. By signing up to her programs you are not just getting amazing workouts, but you receive a huge amount of nutritional and fitness advice to carry you through the days in between. Emma-Jane's enthusiasm is infectious and her knowledge inspiring. She will work you hard, but support you throughout with encouragement that instills the belief that you CAN do it! With Emma-Jane's help I have lost over a stone in just over four weeks and we are still going strong, I simply couldn't have achieved such results without her help. She has been sensitive in dealing with my weight loss struggles and provided a nutrition and fitness plan that really does work, with no faddiness whatsoever. I couldn't recommend her more highly - if you are on the fence about it, just sign up and do it, you wont regret it! Working with her is the best thing I have done for myself since well before my children were born and I couldn't recommend her more highly.  Holly

Whilst the idea of committing to both quarterly and/or pop-up week programmes' of high intensity circuit training (Insanity style) fills me with dread and loathing, I regularly attend E-J's classes! Its tough, suits different abilities, and I can't think of another training session where I work so many different muscles. I am since fitter and I feel noticeably stronger (if not during, then after!), my shape has changed for the better, and I have a lot more energy! In reality, the above are all good reasons to go but none are as effective as the good humour, infectious enthusiasm and genuine care that E-J brings to every class. She has the ability to motivate you to try harder without making you completely hate her! Luke

I have been doing a private fitness training for 12 years plus twice a week. When I started I was very overweight and totally unfit.  Over the years through a bespoke program that is never boring in that I never know what to expect, in that the session could be cardio/weights/stretching/boxing I have controlled my weight and have a fitness level that probably people half my age would envy. There is also the opportunity to do Bootcamps/Insanity,etc. I would totally recommend Emma for a dependable careful program that is guaranteed to get results. Thanks Mrs Motivator!
John Tilney

"I love E-J's workouts.  They are varied, fun and imaginative.  I actually look forward to them each week and feel SO much better afterwards ... even if I do ache lots the next day!!!" Fiona, Shiplake

Working with Emma-Jane has taught me that a balanced diet is definitely better than faddy quick weight loss diets. Losing a pound a week is achievable without to much hardship. Fresh food is best all round and I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding which foods to eat and why they are good for you. I have achieved more than I though I would on my 12 week course. I have lost 11lbs in weight and reduced my waist size by 8cms and my hip size by 9cms. All this is down to Emma-Jane @ NutritiousWorks. I feel full of life and haven't felt this happy with my shape in a long time. I highly recommend NutritiousWorks. For me, it opened my eyes to things I thought I was doing but actually was not and it sets you on a path to a healthier and happier lifestyle. I know this will be easy to maintain and I feel totally motivated to keep going, thank  you Emma-Jane. Lisa Reynolds

'Ems is a guiding light in fitness training, healthy nutrition and ensuring her clients maintain a positive mental attitude, if you follow her advice you will get the results you set out for. I can say that the fitness training and health advice I have received over the years has kept me from weighing several stones heavier than I am today.  Thank you Ems you are a remarkable trainer, an outstanding motivator and very much appreciated ! ' Mr W Griffin (Oxfordshire)

'I have been working on my fitness with Emma-Jane for nearly a year and I am really seeing results. She is motivating, challenging, keeps it interesting with different routines each week and lives what she teaches -she is the healthiest, fittest person I know! I even ran the Henley 10k this year, something I thought I would never do' Emma Cranstoun (Henley)

'EJ provides a gentle discipline with robust encouragement, and in-depth knowledge and bags of experience across her many disciplines. Loads of fun also!' Jayne Shienfeld

'Emma-Jane has a nice balance of being challenging enough so you push yourself to do your best, yet sensitive enough to know what your capability is at any moment. She's really encouraging and her 'can do' approach really is contagious. She's always upbeat and makes the sessions fun. Always leave her sessions feeling much fitter than I did before I started. ' Debbie Barrow

Bootcamp is definitely worth it. EJ might nearly kill you, but you will look and feel better for it in the end! Victoria Hayward

'I'm really pleased I went on Emma-Jane's bootcamp, I was dreading it and assuming I'd not be up to it, but she was brilliant, coaching and adjusting her exercises to our individual needs and she was great at motivating us through the grisly weather we had to endure during that week.  I lost weight, toned up and it propelled me to keep it up way beyond that.  Emma-Jane has a great personality for this work, she works you hard but she's also understanding and patient and she has great all round knowledge to advise on other matters such as health, diet and lifestyle, with her great outgoing and 'everything's fun' attitude, you can't lose (except the weight perhaps). :-) ' T Blanchard (Shiplake)

'I did my first boot camp with EJ in December 2012, I was bored with the gym and very unmotivated in general with any type of fitness. After a cold week in December and subsequent weekly group fitness sessions, and the occasional bootcamp thrown in for good measure, I now enjoy exercising. EJ keeps me motivated by varying the exercises each week and challenging me to push myself and work harder, she also hands out the occasional compliment! I can not recommend EJ enough to anyone who wants to re-energise their fitness routine. ' Emma Edwards

Emma - Jane is a fun, hard working, kind and understanding trainer. Have had lots of fun doing push ups, skipping and running under the stars. Emma's classes are always fun and doing different things to exercise all the flabby parts. Would definitely recommend her boot camp, especially when she gives out glittery medals at the end of boot camp and a quick visit to the pub! Gabrella (now fit and healthy and looking 21!)

I first did a boot camp with Emma-Jane in December 2012 and it changed my life! I had been addicted to the gym for 10 years but exercising under the stars by the river in minus temperatures was surprisingly exhilarating! Getting wet, cold and muddy had never appealed to me but don?t knock it until you try it! I fell in love with running, pushed myself to limits never reached before and best of all it was fun. Emma-Jane mixes it up in every session and when you're ready to give up, pushes you to do an extra few. She?s tough, fair and up for a laugh. I would highly recommend Emma-Jane's boot camps! Helen Munson

I've been getting my arse kicked by EJ for 6 months now and am addicted! I had never worked out with a trainer before but she's motivating and fun and gets great results in the process. After spending many years at the gym on my own doing the same boring routines and geting the same results, it's been fabulous mixing things up, learning new techniques and being motivated to push myself. She mixes up the training so sometimes we'll head to the park for cardio and strength training or we go for a run outdoors and use fences and our surroundings for push ups etc. She can do one-on-one personal training, group training or mini group sessions with just you and a friend. He pricing is so affordable compared to what you'll find at a gym or with many other trainers. The sessions are a really good laugh. I can't say enough good things about EJ (she can pay me later!!) Victoria Smith

Emma-Jane has the extraordinary ability to not only whip you into shape but to make it FUN!  A great motivator and highly experienced trainer, Emma-Jane knows how to help you enjoy achieving the results you want. Fatima

I did my first INSANITY class 6 weeks ago at Expert Fitness, Bell Street, Henley with Emma-Jane Taylor. It was tough, but what I liked was you could work at your own pace with EJs encouragement to keep you motivated and focused. She was well prepared and offers a nutrition course alongside the INSANITY class and touches base with you to give you nutritional advice and support. Everyone got their own folder/pen/log in sheet and EJs personal advice. The price is reasonable against what you receive in return which is an INSANITY class, nutrition advice (, online support and EJs professionalism and care towards her clients! I know it'll be money well spent! She is absolutely brilliant and you will not be disappointed with the outcome. Mel Watkins

Many thanks to Emma-Jane and Nutritious Works for helping me on get the right path to improved fitness and an improved figure! Over the twelve week Insanity course I have been given encouragement, support and motivation to get where I wanted. The classes were well structured to enable progression and interest throughout the course, and yes - it is 'insane', but I have got the results I was hoping for and can't wait until the next course starts!   Thank you.  Jen Willenbrook

After 10 weeks on a DIY diet and losing 1lb a week for the first 7 weeks, followed by 3 weeks at a static weight, I asked Emma for advice. Just 5 days later, having learned that I was eating too much fruit, I have lost 2lbs. I am absolutely thrilled and I feel so much healthier. I cannot ie, I've cheated slightly, with a Muller Corner after my evening meal and still lost 2lbs. Thank you Emma.
Hayley Macklin-Brown

I would like to recommend Emma-Jane Taylor of NutritiousWorks as a personal trainer and nutritional advisor and thank her for helping a team of runners fundraising for Shiplake Primary School PTFA. We have organised a team of parents to run the Henley Half / 10k in October 2014, and Emma-Jane volunteered to give us nutritional advice and training tips. All the team received a full and varied training programme tailored to working up to the run, ad hugely benefited from Emma-Jane's in depth knowledge on nutrition for sports and exercise. From my experience, I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma-Jane as a personal trainer or nutrition advisor. Cath Moulds

I just wanted to write a HUGE thank you to EJ for the last 12 weeks of pure Insanity!. I've just finished the course and I didn't miss one of the classes. I got so much out of it and loved it and I've signed up to start again in September, it's addictive and EJ is great at motivating and gearing you up to do well. Not only did I lose 9lbs, my running has improved and my overall fitness and mental attitude to exercise has completely changed. I've now signed up to do a Half Marathon and I honestly believe that without doing this class there is no way I would even consider attempting it. She is great and always a positive attitude so once again, big big thanks for helping me change shape, lose weight and get involved. See you in September. Carol Ingram

Insanity is a fantastically fun way to get fit and lose weight. Emma-Jane shows you how to tweak to your current lifestyle habits and achieve great results. It's not difficult, boring or time-consuming ? it's simple, easy and fun! I have lost 11 pounds since starting the course. I feel great; fitter, stronger and slimmer. The course works! Sarah Laing

ZUMBA HENLEY is fantastic, I love it. It is one of the highlights of my week, I love the movement and to have a bit of me time away from the kids and home is ace! Liz Sheridan

ZUMBA HENLEY = A Great fun way to shake your booty to Fab tunes, with lots of laughs and smiles thrown in.  Myself & my daughter joined in January and are really enjoying these upbeat classes, the inspiration is to look as good as Ellie & Jennifer whilst doing it Mel Brown

I did 12 weeks with Emma Jane. I was stuck with a stone I couldn't shift. After 12 weeks of personal training and 1-2-1 with EJ I lost the weight am loving training again .  (6 months on  I'm still training and my weight has stayed off ). Highly recommend EJ. Thank you, Claire x 

I found the course very helpful and full of useful information. I was encouraged by your (Emma-Jane Taylor) support and your knowledge of nutrition, exercise and the importance of goals and motivation. I now understand the relevance of balanced and healthy nutrition and continue to use this, and the tools I have been given in my daily life. I highly recommend the course. Elaine Clarke

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