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Personal Development Mentoring/Coaching

Are you looking to re-focus your life, to get through a difficult phase or to simply unburden yourself from life's chains? 

Emma-Jane Taylor aka The Inspirational Mentor guides her clients through a bespoke journey to remove personal chains allowing her clients to live with a new mind that is focused, content and positive thus giving an energy that gives her clients a life they have so desperately needed. Emma-Jane creates positive paths, thoughts and journeys allowing her clients to think outside of the box and be productive and challenging with their responses.

Emma-Jane has coached/mentored many people to 'become themselves once again'. She has guided them back from the edge to a happy life which is shackle free.

Live in your body the right way!

For further information please call 01491 877205 or please click here to view Emma-Jane's web page

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